Comic postcards have catered for every possible message that a day-tripper or holiday maker might want to send back home.

I am Ian Wallace, a business man of West Yorkshire, who bought the firm Bamforth & Co nine years ago and I now own the rights to about 50,000 of the images. But have waited until the centenary to sign a licensing agreement, with the Jane Evans Licensing Consultancy. The classic cheeky cartoons could soon appear on everything from mouse mats to boxer shorts.

“They always look good and they always make people smile. Maybe they’re not to everyone’s taste but if you can’t laugh at Bamforth postcards what can you laugh at?”

“They are classic images which have really stood the test of time.”

“This company was making films before Hollywood and then they went onto produce these postcards, which are a British institution. They sold millions and millions and millions of them. They were sold all around the world. I think this move will give them a new lease of life.”

“People like a good laugh, particularly at times like this and I think we should laugh more. We know that aspects of the Bamforth range of daft, comic ideas will appeal to many people in many countries worldwide.”

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